How It Works

Contact Us

Call us today at 650.593.2802 ext. 221 or fill out the form on our home page and we will contact you!

Provide Artwork

Provide your artwork for all your printing collateral and we will incorporate it into your ordering site!

Site Creation

Upon completion of your custom ordering site, including your Admin Management/approvals, we will launch your ordering site!

Get Your Link

A link to your custom ordering site will be sent to you, where all employees will be able to place orders on-line!

What to expect

Shores Press will create a free customized ordering site to streamline the ordering and production of your company collateral. We print and warehouse your collateral such as business card shells (preprinted sheets with your company logo for color consistency and cost savings), and imprint your orders as you place them on your custom site.

“Order Approval Management” is a feature that allows for your order to be reviewed and edited before being sent on to production, or denied and the original customer notified. Some of the reasons you may wish to set up Order Approval would be to confirm that the person placing the order is authorized to do so; to double check an order’s contents and proofing; or to control the amount spent on an order. These are just a few examples. Order Approval can be set up for just about any reason.

When an item has been set up to require approval, an email will be sent to the approver listed in the “Order Approval Management” tool. That email will contain details of the order and a link to a webpage where the order can be approved, edited, or denied. If the order is approved, it’s passed along to us as ready for production. If it’s denied, then the person placing the order is notified and the order itself goes no further.

The Shipping System provides a simple way to track items from the time an order is placed until the moment it arrives at the your doorstep. You can choose the method of shipment from Ground to Priority Overnight. Upon shipment, a tracking number is sent to you with an email alert notifying you that your order has been shipped.

For all multi-national Corporations, translation options can be provided for your business cards. Shores Press can either translate the information for you, or you can email us the translation and receive proofs for final approval.

QR Codes:
The ability to incorporate QR codes can be added to your order site, and the site can display proofs with a QR code on the front or back of your cards.